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Understanding how XCritical Works.

Understanding XCritical !

XCritical is the Worlds First Artificially Intelligent "World Scale" Cloud Hosted , Super Integrated Operating System for Managing an Entire Planet, constituting of Enterprises, Universities, Governments and Individuals. It's Core Features Include :- Promotion of Systematic Contextual Information, Accurate Contextual Information Search, Critical Information Alert, Exclusive Trusted Private Messaging, Digital Passport based Commercial Engagement ( B2B, C2C, B2C ), Interactive Machine Generated Strategic Intelligence ( Machine Thinking ) and Realworld Location Sensing search.

What problems does this Artificially Intelligent Operating System Solve ? .

While a Computer Operating system manages a Computer hardware system, XCritical Operating system manages a Planet.

  • This World scale operating system works with participating entities ( viz. Enterprises, Universities, Communities and People ) and Enables the entire planet's Vital/Critical, realtime, Contextual & trusted Information ( Commercial & General ) to be Promoted using the XCritical Broadcasting Engine , and Searched at one single point through the Artificially Intelligent XCritical Search Engines .Note: Vital Information could be Information about a good job, Information about a new launched product,Information about a new project contract, a Last minute deal/offer on flight tickets or any other Important Information. Xcritical is designed to facilitate discovery of most types of vital Information on this Planet.
  • The XCritical System provides Intelligent and Contextual Information Alerts through its Xcritical Information Alerting system. Note: Contextual Alerts could be alerts when an enterprise broadcasts a news item about a Mergers and Acquisitions in the Aviation Industry or a Job Alert related to the Automotive Industry. It also allows Exclusive Trusted Private Messaging between Enterprises. It further provides Interactive and Contextual Machine Generated strategic Artificial Intelligence ( Machine Thinking ) through it's Intelligence plus [+] channel. Note: Refer to the Artificial Intelligence Section above to get Fair idea about Intelligence levels displayed. .
  • Next the Operating system engages all participating entities of the system, in a Real world Commercial Engagement exercise, through its Digital Passport Plus[+] Engagement Channel, bringing attractive worldwide offers and rewards to the most enterprising Individuals and Enterprises. Note: For example you can get Free entry into a Tech seminar with your Digital passport
  • The Operating System offers you Real World Real Time Location Sensing Search through the XCritical Now Search Engine .This Location based search is available on the Web Platform, Mobile & Smart Phone Platform. Note: An Example of Location sensing search is, you can scan an area of 3km from you present location and find out All houses on rent or all emergency Help centers nearby.
  • Finally the operating system is also the backbone for digital Economics and Business Intelligence research activities through it's XCritical DataCube solution - Precision Engineered Strategic Data/Digital Economics Lifeline .Note: Data collected by the XCritical Broadcasting engines is a special kind of Intelligent Data that is processed and available for various kinds of Industry and Economics research.

XCritical becomes a One stop solution for Promoting and Searching( finding ) any and every kind of Information on this planet allowing a Continent level search, Country level search , State level search, City level search and a Town level search. Additionally it's Digital Passport Plus services enables B2B,C2C,B2C Commercial Engagement between Enterprises and People ( Utilising principles of Efficiencies of Scale ). Finally it becomes a trusted Channel for Private Messaging.

How Does the XCritical Operating System get it's information ? By listening to Broadcasts made by Enterprises and Individuals. Broadcasting Engine is a special Interface where Enterprises and People can feed in Contextual Intelligent Information about themselves, their products, their news, their services, requirements, their property, their Professional Identities, their blogs etc, using a synthetic thought synthesizer ( A small Simulation of the Human Brain ). In principle XCritical learns important information from one individual or enterprise and shares the information with the world/Population at large.

XCritical Broadcasting XCritical Search Xcritical Intelligence Plus [+] Passport Plus[+] XCritical Now Xcritical DataCube

XCritical Test Account

  • UserName:post[at]Tcvectors.com
  • password:password

What is the First Philosophy and Design Goal of Building a system like XCritical ?

Enterprises and Individuals have very little control, or no control over the Data/Information that Internet search engines collect to rank and show search results. At XCritical the enterprises and individuals have total Control over the data or Information that would enable people to find them on XCritical Search Engine results. Additionally XCritical allows Very High Contextual or Categorised Search. For E.g. when searching for Discounts and Offers on SmartPhones, the search results on XCritical are relevant Discounts and Offers on SmartPhones. Note: Internet search Engines do not allow Categorised and Contextual Searches. Finally Information on XCritical is realtime and live, where as information Available on Internet search Engines are not upto date.

There are 35+ Categories of Vital & Critical Live Information ( From an Enterprise perspective and an Individuals perspective ) that are not easily available or searchable on Internet search Engines and Moreover None of the Internet search engines have built in Artificial Intelligence to help people find relevant and accurate Information.

We know Internet Search Engines like Google, Bing & Yahoo are fantastic (Master) tools for Information search ( Especially Unstructured Information ). However if all information could be found on the Internet search engines ( Google, Bing, Yahoo...), why do we need to "Advertise" on them. This implies that there are certain "Critical & Vital" Categories of Information that can't be searched and found on the Internet Search Engines. XCritical is designed to help Enterprises and people Promote & Find(Search) Critical & Vital Information, without using Advertising as a Technique. Additionally in the real world Information is very scattered and so is the Audience Attention. For example you find jobs on job sites, you sell property on property sites, You find deals on shopping sites etc. The audience attention is also geographially dispersed i.e. some sites are USA specific and some are Europe specific. XCritical is designed to be a One stop solution for the entire world , for any and every kind of realtime upto date Information. ( XCritical is where the world Intersects )

Why an Alternative to Advertising?

  • Advertising is Random. - Not a very clear Targetted Audience
  • Advertising is Expensive and Has a Short Life span.
  • Advertising is a slow and inefficient process.
  • Advertising usually relies on Bidding & Auctions that escalate the Cost of Advertising.
  • Advertising on a pay per click/Pay by Impressions techniques can be an expensive Affair.
  • Additionally there are certain types of Information that needs a global audience, but advertising is not viable process.

The 35+ Categories of Vital & Critical Live Information not searchable on Internet Search Engines.

  • Contact Information
  • Professional Identity
  • Projects/Contracts
  • HumanResource(Jobs).
  • Product.
  • Software Products.
  • Games(Software)
  • Used Product.
  • Shopping.
  • Services.
  • Software Services.
  • Internet Services
  • Mobile Applications
  • Discounts/Offers/Coupons
  • Price Comparison
  • Product/Service Comparison.
  • Learning Training
  • News
  • Property
  • Jv Partnerships /Networks.
  • Acquisition.
  • Capital-Finance.
  • Events/Seminars
  • New Launches
  • Innovation /Invention/Discovery
  • Sponsorship/Scholarship.
  • Contests/Competitions
  • Blogs/Webinars
  • Books-publications
  • Journals
  • Video.
  • Opinions-Polls

For Example - 10 Sample Search Queries that Fail on Internet Search Engines :

  • Show me all Tech events or Book exhibitions happening in USA or California or Germany.
  • Show me R&D Software Products used in the Heavy Engineering Industry or Oil and Gas Industry
  • Show me Companies that Require Software services or Projects in IBM Technologies in USA or Germany.
  • Show me the Best Discounts and Offers on Laptops or Cars in Berlin.
  • Show me Contests and Competitions related to Technology/Programing.
  • Show me used Mercedes Benz Cars available for sale in Europe / Berlin.
  • Show me used HeavyEngg Drilling Machines available for sale in Europe / Berlin.
  • Show me Design engineering Professionals in the automotive industry, available for Jobs around Europe or Germany.
  • Show me all companies around the world specialising in Artificial Intelligence
  • Show me Last Minute offers/Deals on Travels and Tours or Flight Tickets

What can the XCritical Operating System be used for?

Listed below are a few categories of Information Broadcast that are very useful from an Enterprise Perspective and from an Individuals Perspective. XCritical becomes( One Stop Solution for Systematic and Accurate Information Discovery for a Worldwide Audience ). XCritical fundamentally changes how Enterprises and Individuals, Market and sell their Products/solutions or services, How they acquire Work Contracts, How they acquire Sponsorships ,and how they engage a public audience to build a Brand and Reputation. In Short XCritical is attempting to change how the World (Enterprise and Public Ecosystems) Works.

From an Enterprise Perspective

From an Individuals Perspective

People often ask a Question - Internet search engines like Google already have the data collected by crawling the internet, while XCritical doesn't have any data initially.

A google would not work, or be effective, if enterprises or an individuals didn't have a web presence. i.e. if you didn't enter data into a website or a blog, Google would not be effective. People even go steps further and create facebook profiles and facebook Web Pages to attract audience attention, but one simple point eludes everybody - "How do we get found by People ?" Google was designed to find you information on the Internet, while systems like Facebook were designed to help socialize. XCritical as a system has been designed specifically to help make the entire planets Vital information Pervasive such that the Right Audience/People find you and connect with you, with a degree of "certainty". The Smart capability about XCritical is that Enterprises and Individuals have total control over the information or data they they submit, so as to be found by other people accurately, on the XCritical Search Engine.

It may be wise to remember - There has always been a first, second and third person to create a webpages on the internet before millions started creating webpages. A Google couldn't have worked without the first 3 webpage creators. Similarly XCritical relies on a few early adopters to submit Information, before a lot more people feed in information. Inputing information on XCritical is Many times simpler than creating a web page or a facebook profile. Additionally Information fed into XCritical is Structured systematic Information rather than Unstructured information available on the Intenet ( This makes Information search Accurate ). Yes, there is an Initial Cost to using XCritical but it's very low considering the fact that XCritical saves enterprises a lot of Marketing and advertising expenses, opens up new Marketing and engagement channels and Offers A Digital Passport Service. Finally information broadcast on XCritical is trusted information.

Last But not the least - You get 5 super Services on XCritical like the Passport service, XCritical Now service, Xcritical service and a huge amount of rewards for using XCritical. ( One Registration - Huge Benefits ). Google or Facebook doesn't reward you for ceating webpages , while at XCritical not only are you rewarded by T&C Vectors you also get your business done with precision. XCritical offers superior capabilities like hosting events / competitions / recruitment / Partner acquisition /Discount Promotions and so much more that it's unfair to even compare it to an Internet search engine like Google with XCritical. Yes, Google is very good at doing what it does best, but for things Google cant accomplish, XCritical is the newest solution.

XCritical Passport Plus [+] Services - The Good Things of Life at a small Price.

Passport Plus [+] is an Exciting new Concept by T&C Vectors. Passport Plus [+] is a digital passport service that enables people to get Nicest things of LIFE at a fair/discounted price using principles of Efficiencies of scale or engagement of the masses. It is exclusivly for registered members of XCritical. You are aware of how a Real world passport allows you to Travel Overseas with a Visa stamp. Similarly the XCritical Passport is a Digital Online Passport that allows you a maximum 125 checkins, to avail a Variety of Offers made by Enterprises and Individuals. T&C Vectors would be Partnering with a Multitude of International Companies to offer ( XCritical ) registered Individuals a Variety of Offers like -

  • Free/Discounted/ Games/Downloads ( Online and Console )
  • Free/Discounted/ Cloud Hosting/ Web Hosting
  • Free/Discounted/ Cloud File Storage
  • Free Life Insurance Coverage on a yearly Basis.
  • Limited Personal Accident Insurance Coverage( Accident Coverage )
  • Discounted Shopping
  • Free/Discounted Tshirts/Merchandise/Sports apparel
  • Discounted Consumer Goods/Electronics ( Laptops/Smart Phones/Camera..)
  • Discounted Cars/Bikes
  • Discounted Travel - Rail Air Road Ship
  • Discounted Hotel Stays/Holidays
  • Free/Discounted Tutorial Courses - Seminars - Conferences
  • Free/Discounted Tickets to Music Concerts/Cultural Shows
  • Discounted Theme Parks entry
  • Discounted/Free Software/Utilities/
  • Discounted Skype/messenger Credits - Talk time.
  • Free/Discounted Movies/Music for Download
  • Free Online Media/Newspaper Memberships and Forum memberships
  • Health Checkups
  • Discounted Books + Discounted University Coursework Books
  • And Others..

Can you imagine your XCritical Registered Account - turning into a Passport for the good things of Life, returning you a value multiple times greater than your registration fee ?
Additionally Other Enterprises ( i.e Enterprises that are not exclusive partners of T &C Vectors) may also engage people through the XCritical Passport API to enhance their sales/services/promote events and additionally earn rewards from T&C Vectors. It requires an API integration on their website to enable people to avail offers.
Individuals have not been left behind as well. They may engage other individuals or enterprises and win rewards. Learn more about Passport plus [+] at the link below.

Individuals are Charged approximately 72$ Per Year as Registration or Subscription Fee. Approximately 25$ out of the 72$ is towards the Variety of Services offered as a Part of XCritical. The rest 47$ is used to get Individuals super Value offers as a Part of the Passport Plus Program. An Individual can rest assured, that with sufficient scale, the total Benefits in terms of return Value would be nothing less than 3000$. How is this Possible ? We call it the "Efficiencies of Scale". By engaging People in Large Numbers, and eliminating Expensive Marketing and Advertising Costs the 47$ would fetch you great many offers, rewards and deals.

Efficiencies of Scale is a Technique by which we totally eliminate Marketing and Advertising Costs. We Engage Xcritical Members to utilise Specific Passport Based Services (e.g. Cloud Hosting, Insurance ..etc) free of Charge or a very low discounted price. T&Vectors Pays the Service Provider(e.g. The Cloud Hosting Company ) a Fixed Operating Price so that the service provider operates profitably and sustainably and more importantly at full scale and capacity, without all the market risk factors associated with running a Business. The Entire Focus shifts to offering efficient services.

The Most Enterprising Enterprises and Individuals promoting their services and engaging the Public Audience, are ranked according to the total Passport Points they collect and get rewarded by T&C Vectors. The rewards amount to about 6% of Total Income on XCritical per year.

XCritical Passport Plus [+] Services

XCritical Operating System - A comparison with Computer Operating systems.

For the Technically Inclined

Computer Operating Systems like Windows and Linux are used to Run and Manage Computer/Machine Hardware which Includes Memory, storage devices and other Devices. Similarly XCritical as an Operating System is used to run and manage the entities ( Viz. Enterprises and Individuals), their external Commercial activities involving - Vital Information Exchange and Commercial Engagements.XCritical OS also manages people and Enterprises by providing Strategic Intelligence and Guidance through it's Intelligence Interfaces so as to allow effective governance of sustainable enterprise ecosystems comprising of People and Enterprises.
While a computer Operating system allows logic, Games and applications to be built on it to engage people, the XCritical Operating system allows Enterprises and Individuals to build techniques, strategies and Engagement Channels to engage with other enterprises and people. XCritical allows tight integration of 3rd party websites with XCritical through a direct Integration and a passport plus integration.
While Computer Operating systems have a Kernel to Manage the system, XCritical has an Intelligent Information Kernel which Compiles Business Language to Machine Language, and assimilates Information Intelligently like an artificial Brain ( Also called Learning in AI parlance). While Computer Operating Systems do Process Management and scheduling , XCritical allows Enterprise Process management( Scheduling by Ranking ) like ( HR Recruting, Vendor Selection, Event Promotion, Marketing, Sales, Partnerships, Community Development, New Product Launches etc )
While Computer Operating systems allow Communication between Machines through Protocols like TCP/IP XCritical OS allows Exclusive Trusted Communication between Enterprises(E2E) through it's Xcritical Messaging Channel.
T&C Vectors also makes Software Operating systems like Enterprise Focus that help in automatic programed management of an Entire Enterprise ( Internal Activities ).

Understanding Artificial Intelligence at XCritical.

Understanding Artifical Intelligence at XCritical (Levels of Intelligence)

As you already know XCritical is an Artificial Intelligene System that learns by collecting information from people and enterprises. There are three levels of Intelligence displayed by XCritical.

First Level Intelligence ( The Informative Brain ) - What you can search on XCritical Search ?

At the First step XCritical search Engine and Xcritical Alerts acts like an Informative brain and allows you to search the world intelligently e.g.:

# Show me if any firm is requiring Human resource(People) for a Employment with skills :Microsoft Technologies
# Show me Inventions and Discoveries Made by Enterprises or Individuals related to Auto or Software.....
# Show me all Resumes(HR)of individuals with the Skill set C# sql Server or Marketing;
# Show me all Jobs ,Events ,Offers ,Inventions .... of The Firm T&C Vectors or Microsoft Or IBM ..
# Show me All the Companies requiring Engineering services.
# Show me all the server Products available in the Market.
# Show me all the Offers and Discounts on Books.
# Show me all the Blogs related to Books

# Show me all the Blogs related to Technology
# Show me all books related to Enterprise Architecture
# Show me all the new software Games Launched
# show me all the Book Exhibition Events Happening in the USA
# show me all the Companies selling Cameras
# show me all the Companies in Africa Requiring Software services
# Show me all the Restaurants in California ;
# Show me the Location of a Restaurant on a Map.
# Show me the All Large companies offering Software services in India.
# Show me all the Farmers in India who are supplying Rice or Fruits .
# Show me all Offers and Discounts on Flight Tickets

Second Level of Intelligence ( The Thinking Brain ) - What additional Intelligence can you Extract out of the XCritical Digital Brain ?

Taking One Enterprise Function like "Human Resource" we could extract Intelligent Information from the XCritical and XCritical DataCube solutions, such as:

which regions(Continent, Country, State, City, Town..) have the maximum Job Growth ?
Which type of Employment Contract is most frequent and which regions have which kind of employment contracts?
Which region has the maximum demand for freshers jobs or senior level jobs or mid level jobs?
Which Industrial Domain of Jobs is in demand in which region.?
How many jobs are of Engineering and Technological in Nature and where are the jobs located ?
In Engineering jobs what are the further specializations?
Which Regions have the Maximum unemployment and what are the skills of people in those regions?

what are the types of Technology stack jobs and what are the frequencies or percentages?
where are Microsoft specialization Jobs/IBM Specialization jobs more in Demand?
Which specialization of Jobs have been Viewed most nos of Times or is the most popular on the XCritical ?
Which specialization of Jobs have been Positively voted most nos of Times on the XCritical search engine?
How many Highly Skilled-PRO jobs are in demand in the IBM Technology Space and where ?
What is the approximate cost of Recruitment for a specific skillset in any particular city,Country or Region ?

Third Level of Intelligence ( The Brilliantly Intelligent Brain ) - What are the other Intelligence characteristics of the XCritical Digital Brain ?

Please Note that there are 40 Primary categories of Intelligent Information that XCritical Collects, therefore the amount of synthetic world scale intelligence that can be extracted is enormous. Additionally corelational intelligence and Tertiary intelligence could also be extracted.

e.g.XCritical learns by collecting Information about Enterprise Financial results from different sectors, Project work contracts in different industrial domains, Human resource, Enterprise and Professional professional profiles and employment status, about products, innovations , Discount offerings etc.. . "Sophisticated & world scale" levels of Intelligence is extracted by these corelated types of information.

Note:The XCritical Machine(Digital Brain) doesn't have Process level intelligence - i.e. How a process works or how things work. If process level information were programmed into this Machine system - It could easily replace humans ( which is not an objective of our Vision ). At the process level it only acts as an informative brain. T&C Vectors has developed Intellectual property related to process intelligence and Process Intelligent systems are being built under the T&C Vectors brand :IQ FLux systems to enhance human knowledge, Skills and Responsiveness and Productivity.

XCritical Video's and Demonstrations

XCritical Video's and Demonstrations
XCritical Video's and Demonstrations.

All Additional Details of How the XCritical Machine works?

What is XCritical ? (Details)
  1. XCritical is an Artificially Intelligent Operating System with an attached Information Search Engine similar to a Google or Bing search Engine. Traditional Internet search engines collect their information by scanning through unstructured information or pages on the web or the Internet. XCritical is designed to be radically different from a Google or Bing.

  2. It collects systematic Intelligent information from people and enterprises with the help of a Broadcasting Engine and a Thought Synthesizer. The XCritical Search Engine attached Operating System helps people find accurate and relevant Information.

  3. XCritical is designed to work with 6 entities -

    * individuals,
    * universities,
    * communities/Government
    * large enterprises,
    * medium enterprises,
    * small enterprises.

    Enterprises and people are allowed to broadcast intelligent systematic information about a product, services , contests, jobs, finance, property,Information, books, blogs, exhibitions, new product launches, news, Sponsorships, Learning Programs etc, through the XCritical broadcasting engine.In short Broadcasting engines collect accurate and relevant information from Enterprises and People.

  4. This broadcast information is available for search at the XCritical search engines. XCritical allows people to engage with other people, enterprises to engage with other enterprises, and people to engage with enterprises. It creates a totally connected world, intersecting all participating entities, at one single point and makes "World Scale" useful information accessible accurately and systematically to the population at large.

  5. Note: Traditional Search engines collect information by scanning web pages on the web but all the information it collects is unstructured or unorganised information. The USP of XCritical Operating System is that it collects Structured Intelligent Information from Enterpises and people. Since the Information at XCritical is structured, search results are very systematic and accurate. Additionally data on the Internet is Static data ( Not all data is upto date - A lot of Data is Junk.), where as data on XCritical is Realtime, Upto Date and Clean. Another USP of XCritical is that it's Interface is an Intelligent Design interface and covers every geographical place on earth. The Final USP of XCritical is that it has an assist Facility to help you search for information.The assist facility is actually an Intelligent Brain or a structured thought synthesizer that helps people find accurate and relevant information.

  6. XCritical is a complete Enterprise and People tool - and none such structured Information tool exists on this planet. XCritical engages people and enterprises across multiple dimensions and is an imperative tool for all Enterprises and Individuals.

  7. XCritical integrates tightly with 3rd party websites directly e.g. eBay.(consumer websites,pice comparison websites etc).It also Integrates with 3rd party websites through it's passport plus interface.

  8. XCritical also allows optional contact Information while broadcasting, such as SkypeId, XcritcalID, TwitterID, FacebookID, Google+ID

How XCritical Works
How the Broadcast Works

What People & Enterprises can Broadcast at XCritical?

What Are Categories of Broadcast and search available at XCritical ?

How does XCritical Broadcasting and searching work? - A picture

How to Fill in Details to make a Broadcast at XCritical Broadcasting Engine? How To Make a Broadcast.

How the Broadcast Engine & Search Engine works

How to Use the Assist Function Button while Broadcasting and Searching? How to Use the Innovative Assist Feature.

What Are Rules and Features ?
  1. Max number of Broadcast at a Time is (Individual - 8, Small Enterprise - 20, Mid Enterprise-50, Large Enterprise-125, University-75, Community -125 ). Additionally when Broadcasting Certain Categories lile "Information", "Financial Results" or "Reviews" Individuals ar allowed an Additional 12 Free Broadcasts, Small Enterprises are allowed 25 Free Broadcasts and all other enterprises and Universities are allowed to make additional 50 Free Broadcasts.
  2. One is allowed to create and delete as many broadcasts as required
  3. Rationality must be maintained in Brodcasting.The Broadcast reflects the individual or the Firm,Therefore all Broadcasts must be kept relevant.(Check the Abuse section for more details).
  4. Posting Adult illegal material is Prohibited.T&C Vectors retains all rights to delete accounts abusing the Broadcasting Engines.
  5. All broadcast Categories have a Min and Max timespan for broadcasting.That information is available while creating a broadcast.For eg A "New Launch" broadcast may be allowed for a maximum Duration of 60 Days.The Broadcasts are deleted periodically on expiry of the broadcast Timeframe.
How Does XCritical Rank search Results (The Blue Rank Algorithm) ?
  • The search Engines follow follows the result hierarchy of Large Enterprise results first followed by Medium, small enterprise, further followed by Universities and Communities. Additionally it follows Nos of Page Views , Positive(+) Votes and First come First search Ranking techniques.

What Are Types of Search Available at XCritical ?
  1. Key word Search - Type in a Keyword to search
  2. Enterprise Name /Individual Search - Type in the Enterprise name or the Individuals name you are looking for.
  3. Broadcast Content search - Available for Individuals, Enterprises ,Universities and Communities .Type in any words that may be available in the Broadcast Content.
  4. Assisted(Artificially Intelligent)Search - Use the Assist facility to search for commonly used Search Items.
  5. Web Search - This is an Automatic Integrated search engine that works when there are few results obtained through the XCritical core Search engine.

What are the Advantages and Innovations Incorporated into XCritical ? Advantages and Innovations at XCritical.

XCritical Referral and Abuse rewards.

XCritical Referral Scheme - Earn Cash Bonus in US Dollars (US $)

T&C vectors( XCritical Referral Scheme)

Abuse Reporting System - Report Abuse and earn cash in (US $)
An "Abuse" broadcast may be reported to T&C Vectors by sending in details like
  1. Enterprise/Individual Name
  2. entity(Large Enterprise,small enterprise, Individual etc..)
  3. broadcast message.
  4. ulr link
CashReward: 1500($) USD (For Abuse by Enterprises only).
email address for: Help[@]Tcvectors.com
Incase of Multiple Abuse feedbacks from individuals - the First 5 reports would be rewarded and the cash reward shared.
Accounts abusing the Brodcasting Engines would be premanently deleted(Individuals or Enterprises).

Developer Integration with XCritical.

XCritical Integration with 3rd Party Websites like - Ebay, Amazon

For Developers - Integrating Websites with XCritical.(Smart Broadcasting with a "?" symbol while Filling a website URL )XCritical allows the facility for redirecting XCritical search Queries to 3rd Party websites or weblinks. This is useful while broadcasting shopping products, price comparison of products etc. If a Firm broadcasts a website link for e.g.www.Ebay.com/products.aspx? (Link followed by a Question mark) and this link appears in the search results, XCritical appends three other parameters to this Weblink during the click process such that the searched item or searched product can be integrated with the broadcasting firm's website.
e.g. - www.ebay.com/products.aspx?Country=Germany&Search="Search Keyword"&Category="Used Product" . The search keyword,Country and search category is URL encoded
e.g. If search word is "Wireless Keyboard", the URL Encoded search keyword is "Wireless+Keyboard".

An entire List of Countries is available in the following dropdownlist for country specific search:
When no country specific search is conducted, the default country is - Global

and the following is the list of Search Categories:
The default search category is "Anything";
The appended parameters can be used for searching and showing relevant pages on broadcasters website. e.g If we search for "wireless keyboard" on XCritical, this search item is passed on to a third party website like eBay through a query string such that this keyword "Wireless keyboard" can be searched and displayed on eBay's Website or on it's relevant pages. It must however be remembered that a keyword like "Wireless keyboard" or other searchable items must be present in the broadcast content of the broadcast, for it to be searchable on XCritical.
Example search query is as follows ? search Keyword = wireless keyboard and category is Used Product url link = www.Ebay.com/?Country=Global&Search=Wireless+keyboard&Category=Used+Product
url link = www.Ebay.com/products.aspx?Country=United+States&Search=Wireless+keyboard&Category=Used+Product
url link = www.Ebay.com/products.aspx?Country=Heard+Mcdonald+Islands&Search=Wireless+keyboard&Category=Used+Product
url link = www.Ebay.com/products.aspx?Country=United+Kingdom&Search=Wireless+keyboard&Category=Used+Product
Note url link "www.Ebay.com?" is not allowed however "www.ebay.com/?" is allowed

Points to be noted If the Weblink Broadcast is a normal weblink without an ending ("?") question mark, the link is not changed or manipulated by the XCritical Search Engine and no additonal parameters are passed. If the search keyword is an Assisted keyword or a (#Keyword) - the link are not manipulated by the XCritical search engine. for e.g. If key word is #ARA#PROP the weblink when clicked is the original link as broadcast, without the additional appended parameters.
The details of Passport Plus Integration with Other Websites is available at the Passport Plus section.

Architecture & Artificial Intelligence.

XCritical Architecture XCritical Architecture Diagram.

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